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Caprini Sprachwelten!

„…weil Sprachen Türen öffnen. Wir sind der Schlüssel dafür!“

As soon as you learn a language, all kinds of new possibilities will arise for you.

Buying a loaf of bread on your own, ordering a cup of coffee, telling how you are or writing an application, and then being invited to a job interview.

Through our language courses, we make all of this possible for you.

We take you into the exciting world of language learning, through well-structured, lively and communicative lessons. We attach great importance to a pleasant and personal learning atmosphere, where also individual wishes are taken into account.

On your way to learning the language you will be accompanied by the experienced and motivated team of Caprini Sprachwelten.

We look forward to your visit.


We look forward to your visit.

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